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Our motto: "diversification"

As leading manufacturer of calendered and coated foils and films, VULCAFLEX is a “converter of plastics “, that has always pursued a strategy of market diversification, supplying customers in the following four main sectors: Automotive, Packaging, fashion and Industrial applications.

The different business units share the following guidelines:
  • Planning and Design: Every customer’s demand is thoroughly analysed with the aim of offering the right solution to each specific need.

  • Products safety: Recurrent and detailed tests, often run by certified laboratories, ensure that the product range constantly conforms with the specifications and rules applied in our customers’ markets (sanitary regulations, protection from contamination, emissions, compatibility with other materials).

  • Environmental protection: Having concerns for environmental protection, VULCAFLEX has invested in research, development and in new production plant which enables the steady issue of new product ranges, with an eye on the environmental effect on both the product and the production process.

  • Looking for comfort: Our customers’ success is strictly bound to our ability in supplying materials that are appreciated respectively for their good aspect, quality, smooth and special touch, low emissions, lack of unpleasant odours.

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