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:: Research and Development ::

“Hindsight is an exact science” – Guy Bellamy

Realising the important investments made into Research and Development and also the professionalism and experience of more than 20 technicians who daily provide: formulations, new materials,prototypes and the improvement and control of the production process, Vulcaflex assures a large range of innovative products to customers.

…it is nice what is liked (and what works)
A team of 2D and 3D designers, experts in their fields of the production process, print and embossing cylinders, allow us to develop, in co-operation with customers, many aesthetic and functional solutions. Starting from a 2D concept and through intermediate prototype stages, we can satisfy the requests of the most demanding customer with the expertise and invaluable co-operation of all the main embossing cylinder manufacturers

The embossing at Vulcaflex is a state-of-the-art technology. The use of the most modern engraving process from the classic “galvanic” to the more recent laser direct onto resin or metal, allow a wide range of design diversity.

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